September 18, 2011

Ayu Music Station - campaign

We, fans, can feel what is being powerless to confort our idol's feelings now.

Ayu taught everyone of us the power to get strenght to surpass obstacles, always suporting us by the music, but this time she is the one who needs us.

You may be thinking "what can I do in my fan's condition?". 

Well, I feel that some fans are still blaming Ayu by not coming to MSTA on September 16, that doesn't happend just whith japanese fans, but whith many international fans. First step is to understand that it's not her fault (She is not responsible about her flight tickets and other stuff, there's someone in charge of that), second step, even if it wasn't her fault, all the guilty falls over her, because Ayumi Hamasaki is an "icon", and because of that, many people think negative things about that failure, that is being even more distorted by the media, that always lives on lies and scandals.

This issue is nothing more than a great gossip for the media, and tends to get even worse until some other slip from another celebrity. So we can just ask for you to send positive messages, not about that matter, she suffered a lot, and is still suffering whith that. The last thing she needs is to remember that, so write about how much you love her and believe in her work, ask abaout her future plans too.

To end this I wish to share a tought I had, but I would like your opinion if that's apropriate.

Would it be possible to fans mobilize themselves to ask her a new presentation date on Music Station? (Lots of fan's requests would show that we understand her situation and nothing has changed about the fact that we want to see her singing Beloved) I know, the presentation she lost wont come back, it's gone (the past won't come back...) and can't be fixed, but i believe that if Music Station calls her back, it would be good, it would mean that the Music Station crew has not recentments or blame her about the situation, so this would give credibility for her, that would return quickly to TV shows, and reduce the impact of the current situation, wich would get easier about that scandal. For that becoming possible, all japanese and international fans should use their social networks to spread this and ask for sending messages to Music Station mostly via Twitter.

So please, as a fan, my only wish is "LET'S HELP AYU NOW", it's our time to return all the love and effort she had with us over the years.
Please use the hash tag: #AyuMStation

If you don't have Music Station's twitter, follow it:!/Mst_com

(Tradução para inglês por : Kalvin)

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