March 13, 2011

8.9 - Japan news (# PrayForJapan)

Situation in Japan is increasingly serious.

The Shinmoedake active again after 52 years at home, located about a 621,4 miles from the region affected by tremor and tsunami.

In January the volcano became active, however now with the strong earthquakes
of 8.9 magnitude, followed by the Tsunami who devastated the city of Sendai,
eventually throw ash and rocks at 4000 meters high, about the land of the rising

Moreover, the nuclear plant in Tokai, Ibaraki province (north of Tokyo), suffered
problems in refrigeration system, that information was passed by the local branch of
kyodo. This is the third Japan central that records problems in refrigeration from
Friday, because it was recorded first in Fukushima (where it was shown in several
newspapers the scene of the explosion) and Onagawa.
The number of deaths have surpassed 1,300 in the country.

The population (1.4 million families, according to the NHK) has to deal with the
situation of shortage of drinking water.

The country is preparing to face power cuts from Monday.

Really, in the midst of despair, Japan is fighting against the revolt of nature.

The worst of all situations, in my view, is that even if a tragedy happens, the
Japanese will not want to leave their country, first as a matter of pride and then for
being too nationalist (or are willing to die for the country if possible).

One hand, all this love to the country charms me very much, but then makes
me think that is a point of complete madness, making me sad and apprehensive.

"It's too bad you see this and can't do anything for those you love, Except pray and
ask for mercy."

Traslation: Juliano Gardiman

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